May 1, 2020 - November 1, 2020

Best Bear's Off-Road Adventures Presents “Outrageously Refreshing Vehicles”! Some may refer to them as; Off Road Vehicles.

While exploring nature in dash and comfort you'll witness; beautiful scenery, variety of wildlife and a sense of serenity. Our Premier Brand New 2020 Model Rental Fleet;

One- Polaris Ranger 6 Passenger Family Wagon                                                                                             

Four- Polaris General's 4 Seater                                                                                                                           

Two- Polaris General's 2 Seater                                                                                                                                 

Two- Polaris RZR's XP 4 Seater                                                                                                                             

Three- Polaris RZR's XP 2 Seater                                                                                                                               

All listed rates include tax, fee's and up to one tank of gas. Also included, reducing insurance deductible from $3000.00 down to $1500.00 per unit.

Guided Tours with Scenic Overlooks Age 18 and up

Lincoln Hills Overlook (Guided Adventure)

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 About: While on the Lincoln Hills loop, you will witness the great outdoors in the comforts of an all-new Polaris off-road vehicle. During this adventure, plan to get a little dusty while maneuvering through dust rising turns of the trails. By the time you arrive halfway in Carrieville, you will be provided with complimentary Old Carrieville hand-dipped refreshing ice cream. Once you've been refreshed, you will continue along the scenic wooded trails.

2- 2 1/2 Hour tour:    2-Seater $229    4-Seater $239   6-Seater $249                                                                             Departure times,  11am, 1pm, 4pm,-the sun setter

Manistee National Forest (Guided Adventure)     

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 About: During the Manistee National Forest adventure, you will power-up an appetite while navigating through the scenic national forest. Enjoy a complimentary lunch at Club 37, half-way through your ride. After lunch, continue cruising through the wilderness in a dash on an all-new Polaris off-road vehicle. Strap in and follow a guide as you journey through the Manistee National forest on a half-day adventure.         

 Half Day tour:2-Seater $399    4-Seater $449   6-Seater $475                                                                                       Departure time, 10am every day!

Early Riser Breakfast Adventure (Guided Adventure)

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 About: We will pull out at 6:30 am and you’ll witness a Beautiful Sunrise and see variety of wildlife enjoying the morning! We will stop for complimentary Hot Breakfast at Dawns Country Kitchen halfway through! This journey will continue after everyone gets strapped in, roaring engines fired up, and we’re back to Exploring Nature in Style!     

 3 Hour tour:2-Seater $289   4-Seater $299    6-Seater $319                                                                                         Departure time, 6:30am Saturday and Sunday only.

Backcounty Exploration (GPS Self-Guided Adventure) Age 21* and up recommended

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  About: The Backcountry Exploration adventure is a self-guided adventure for you and your family to explore the scenic forest and the rivers along the trails. While exploring nature in a dash while in comfort, you'll witness beautiful scenery, a variety of wildlife, and a sense of serenity. At Best Bear's Lodge, we love tasty treats, so you and your passengers will receive a complimentary voucher for Old Carrieville hand-dipped ice cream. While on your ride, the GPS will take you where you need to go. Strap in, start your engine, and have fun!

All rentals can start any time after 8am and must be returned by 10pm

4 Hour Tour:    2-Seater $299         4-Seater $349      6-Seater $375

6 Hour Tour:     2-Seater $399        4-Seater $449       6-Seater $475

8 Hour Tour:     2-Seater $499          4-Seater $499     6-Seater $499

Irons Off-Road Rentals (Rental Exploration) Age 25* and up recommended  

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About: While renting, Best Bear Lodge will point out several locations to some breathtaking views you won't want to miss. During your rental, we will send you along with trail maps, complimentary vouchers for Old Carrieville hand-dipped ice cream, and lunch at Club 37.

All rentals can start any time after 8am and must be returned by 10pm

1 Day 24 Hour $599 any available UTV                      

2 Day 48 Hour $949 any available UTV

3 Day 72 Hour $1248 any available UTV

4 Day 96 Hour $1447 any available UTV                                                            

5 Day 120 Hour $1499 any available UTV

6 Day 144 Hour $1599 any available UTV

7 Day 168 Hour $1699 any available UTV

3 Day Mid-Week Special $899 any available UTV  excludes, Friday and Saturday                       




What to Bring: To be a comfortable frontiersman, you'll have to wear and bring the proper attire based on the weather. Dress comfortably, bring along your camera/phone to take photos of the beautiful scenic overlooks, small cooler to keep your beverages cold, sunblock, insect repellent, and raincoat.

*If driver is younger than recommended age listed above, we may make an exception case by case basis. Call and discuss a Driver age waiver before booking. Minimum Drivers age is 18. Driving Safely and Responsible is our primary goal and concern.  

Driver must be at least 25 years of age to carry minor passengers under the age of 18 and be the Parent or Legal Guardian

Safety First! For your safety and the safety of others, failure to use Trail Etiquette or Careless Driving will automatically terminate your rental agreement. Arrive 30 minutes early to learn Trail Etiquette and how to Safely Maneuver the Machine you chose. Also, you and your passengers will be fitted for helmets and safety goggles.  Remember to always Respect the Power of 100-110 horses under the hood! Now you’re ready! Strap in, Start your Engine and Have Fun!

Thank you for choosing Best Bear Off-Road Rentals an Polaris Adventures Outfitter. Let your ADVENTURE BEGIN! 

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